Efforts in increasing export capabilities

  • Developing human resource development
  • Transforming local entrepreneur to exporter
  • Building Indonesia product image


Performance of PPEI (1996 – 2000)

  • Increasing amount of participans
  • Focus on  :
    • Rubber product, wood, food and textile
    • Process / export procedure
    • Consultation on product and export market
  • Growth of excport value
  • Building of export awareness


What is PPEI Doing

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Planning
  • Determining Indicator of Successful Keys
  • Development of Activity Process


Development of Activity Process

  • Supporting penetration to growth market and the one which has FTA with Indonesia (India,China and Middle East)
  • 10 main products, 10 potensial products, and 3 service (10+10+3)
  • Development types and method of training
  • Development of new exporters
  • Promotion of PPEI service
  • Increase cooperation both with domestic partners (RETPC, regional offices, association) and overseas partners (JICA, CBI, ITC, COI member IT IS, KISMEC, PTTC, ITTI, AOTS, PREX, AICAD, JETRO, JICE)
  • Increase cooperation level from a guided cooperation to a partner


Key Performance Indicator of PPEI Success

  • Ability of SMEs ME in doing export
  • Total SMEs succeed in export
  • Total companies performing export
  • Increasing of export value of SME’s
  • Insreasing the number of society who trust that export give benefit for economic growth
  • Society awareness of the importance of government facilities
  • Total mass media which promote PPEI services
  • Total number of SMEs receiving information, consultation, and counseling


a.  information/ education/ export training

  • International Trade:
    Export Procedure, Export andIimport Management with Simulation, International
    TRADE SYSTEM License, Banking etc
  • Product Development:
    Brand Strategy, Packaging, Design and Product Quality of Rubber, Furniture, Garment,and Food Product, HACCP, HAKI, etc.
  • Export Cost Calculation
    Payment with L/C and non L/C, Export Costing and Pricing, UCP 600.
  • Select Distributor
    How to select export market, importers and buyers through inquiry, role of a trading house for SME’s.
  • Export Promotion/ Export Communication
    International trade exhibition, Design Stand with Auto CAD, Stand Guide, IT, Business Language, Business Matching – Teleconference, E – Commerce, Presentation Technique, Negotiation and sales Contract, Buyer Visit, Cooperation with International Trade Institution.
  • Export Marketing Strategy
    Export Marketing Strategy, How to Penetrate Foreign Market, Export Marketing for Handicraft Product, Export Business Development, and Market Analyst.
  • Quality and Competition Management.
    Quality Management, TQM, 5S, Entrepreneurship, Audit Internal ISO 9001 : 2000, Innovation Management.

b. Consultation / production guides / and marketing with export simulation

  • Quality testing in rubber product, wood / furniture, textile and garment, food using laboratory equipment
  • Capability assessment about export activity
  • Export guidance regarding export development, pricing financing and payment, transportation, distribution aboard, export planning, marketing strategy, website development
  • Export planning, product development, export pricing, buyer selection, negotiation, export communication and dispute settlement

c. Counseling of SME alumni in product development and export promotion

  • Product development with implementation of SMM ISO 9001 : 2000, branding, packaging, Intellectual Property, designs.
  • Export Market development through exhibition in domestic / abroad, trade promotion, trade mission, and in-store promotion.
  • Cooperate with experts from abroad: designers, importers, consultants, competitions, selections.
  • Sample delivery, attendance in exhibition abroad, trade mission, in-store promotion and permanent exhibitions.
  • Cooperate with export support organization internationally.

d. Selection of export market / market research

  • Information about economic condition and trade potential market by using market research.
  • Product guidance for market destination.
  • Promotion tools guidance.
  • Using virtual exhibition (E-marketing), brochure, multimedia, sample delivery.
  • Benefit of market research.

e. Developing market penetration strategy

  • Contact target market, potential and prospective buyers.
  • Identify export penetration strategy.
  • Market test by Indonesia representative : Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia – Commercial attaché, Indonesia Trade and Promotion Center (IPTC) office.
  • Participating in international trade and exhibition.

f. Buyer Identification and selection

  • Getting the list of importer accurately.
  • Introducing potential partner visited Indonesia.
  • Introducing Importer, buying agent with buying mission.
  • Finding buyer / trade partner in market abroad.
  • Introducing export product to potential buyer.
  • Matching Indonesia companies and buyers.

g. Trade promotion participation in domestic & abroad

  • International trade.
  • Trade mission.
  • In-store promotion.
  • Solo Exhibition.
  • Seminar.
  • Workshop.
  • Convention.

h. Assistance in foreign market

  • Assistance by trade attaché and head of ITPC regarding industrial sector, and culture in foreign market.
  • Assisting in trade dispute settlement.
  • Setting up agreement / appointment with buyer.
  • Organizing business meeting / trade mission.
  • Providing translators for trade exhibition in abroad.
  • Participating in trade mission.
  • Promotion product sample locally and abroad

i. Identification of new opportunity

  • Introducing on-line data base to foreign buyer.
  • Promotion export product in abroad.
  • Participating social activities in abroad.
  • Identifying opportunity and monitoring it in the future.
  • Guiding main activities include procurement in abroad.