Resource Center

Resource Center consists of : Library which is furnished with reference, books, magazines, publication, directories, CD ROM, video cassettes etc.

Quality Testing Laboratory

Four testing laboratories for wood & rattan, rubber, textiles and food.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Computers network with Local Area Network (LAN) system.

Simulation Center

Simulation Center for Export import procedures furnished by rooms for exporters, importers, advising bank, issuing bank, customs, shipping etc. so as to facilitate to absorb skill of export import procedures as in real activities.

Audio Video Class Room

Comfortable classrooms furnished with audio video equipment with capacity of 15, 30, 50 persons.


Auditorium with capacity of 200 persons.

Business Contact Room

Exhibition room


Representative dormitory accommodating 60 (Sixty) participants from outside Jakarta.


Cafetaria for training participants

Wide Parking Area

Wide parking area